Some additional information

This is specifically NOT an MLM scheme in any shape or form.

WeAllSendCards rewards people for buying cards, providing designs which sell, and promoting our site to others.

Revenue share is fairly distributed between new joiners and those who have been supporting us for years.

There is no requirement to build teams, pay fees or buy cards.

In Summary

WeAllSendCards is here to offer an alternative way for people to buy greeting cards, promoting a
community-based approach. We do this by fairly sharing our revenue our rewards with the people who help make us a success.

We offer a choice of thousands of cards, and you can even design your own at no additional cost. Our cards are high quality, competitively priced and are kind to the environment

Now is a great time to join our community. We’re still in our infancy, and exciting (and profitable) times are ahead! We cannot guarantee what you might earn with WeAllSendCards, but if we all work together to make the company profitable, we can all share in the rewards.


Contact us

Get in contact should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!