How the WeAllSendCards community benefits our community

Up to £1.15 from every card sold will go back to the community. This will be through referral payments and royalties.

We also aim to pay back a vast proportion of our net profit on a quarterly basis to our community through our revenue share payments to those who buy cards, provide card designs or spread the word about the benefits of the WeAllSendCards community to friends, family, supporters and colleagues.

The level of the quarterly payment is based on the activity of each individual member with regards to purchasing cards and the cards purchased by those recommended. Payments will only be made if a profit has been made dependent on our sales revenue and costs.

Our revenue share programme is unique to WeAllSendCards and unprecedented in the greeting card industry. It enables customers, charities, entrepreneurs or anyone who’s looking to generate additional income to do so by sharing the benefits of WeAllSendCards and the WeAllSendCards community. You can do this through a unique URL given to you when you register.