How the WASC community benefits artists, photographers, and designers

We’ll be giving the people who design greetings cards a chance to build an ongoing income stream. Each designer can have their own page on the WASC website, which allows them to showcase themselves and their card designs.

Get Noticed

We will help promote artists, designers and photographers and assist them in getting their products to market without investment risk, enabling them to sell their card
designs with good income potential.

Buy To Sell

Designers will also have the option to buy their cards in low to medium volumes to sell
themselves. We will provide wholesale pricing from just one card at a time, enabling them to sell their cards online or offline, to friends and family, at craft fairs or on their own website, with a markup that they feel is right.

Earn rewards

Referrals will be key to our success. So much so, that we will be providing a lucrative
“thank you” to those who introduce new customers to our website and new members to
our community.

Generous royalty payments

royalties will be earned for each card sold. Of course, we can’t guarantee sales as that’s down to the tastes of our customers. But designers can earn market leading rates by allowing us to use their designs on our cards. Up to 10 x more than other online