It’s easy to start receiving donations from We All Send Cards

To get donations from We All Send Cards, all you need to do is share an exclusive weblink with your supporters. We will provide you with this weblink when you register, and it will be in the format

Every time they use that weblink to access our website and purchase cards, we will make a donation of 25p for each card that they buy at retail prices.

If your supporter registers with us, we will note that they want to support your charity and donate 25p per card to your charity every time they buy cards at retail prices.

That’s a generous donation for every card they buy, every time they order, with the aim of providing you with ongoing donations from our community members.

*If the person you refer is a designer who buys their own cards, a customer that designs and buys their own cards, or a retailer that buys at wholesale pricing,  then the amount paid is 5p per card. Retail pricing refers to the typical customer coming onto the site and buying cards at our retail pricing model.