And it doesn’t stop there

Every member that buys a card can direct 20p for each card they purchase to a good cause or charity. All they need to do is choose one from a drop-down list in the basket.

You can also earn points to get a share of our revenue. The more people buy cards using your link, the more points you will accumulate, and additional payments based on our total net profits could be paid towards your good cause.

Also, as a charity or good cause, you qualify to purchase cards in bulk at the same rates as a retailer/reseller so that you can purchase our cards at wholesale prices to sell directly to your members or at an event that you are holding to the general public. This gives you the potential to earn much more than if your supporters buy directly from the site. Read our retailer/reseller section for more information. This is entirely optional – we will never pressure you to spend you well-needed donations on our cards.