Owen Scrimshaw

The first in a series, where we look at the work of some of our designers, today’s featured designer is Owen Scrimshaw who trades under the name of O. Scrimshaw Photography.

Briefly describe yourself (type of artist / designer / experience)

I am an amateur photographer, who is based in the East Midlands, UK. I have a particular interest in wildlife and sports photography but I am willing to try most types of photography. I joined Weallsendcards 3 years ago, selling cards featuring birds after my brother suggested I give it a go. Over time, I have expanded my range, to include other subjects including Aviation, Scenic and animals.

What is your inspiration for your cards and what is your range?

I take photographs that I like, and then look at them to decide if I would like them as a card. My range of cards is mainly bird photographs, with some animals and Aviation themed cards. I also have a few sports type cards.

Which cards are your best sellers?

My Aviation cards, generally Spitfire or Red Arrows sell really well. I have some bird photo cards that sell well including pigeons and robins. My main card sales are Birthday and Father’s Day cards, last year I sold over 60 father’s day cards.

Do you offer any prints / posters via WASC and if so, what are they generally featuring?

I have a number of my wildlife and aviation cards available also as prints.  I find the quality of the prints amazing and well worth the money.  

Where do you typically sell your cards?

As well as on WeAllSendCards, I sell on Etsy (last year I sold over 150 cards on this platform), NuMonday and Ebay via WeAllSendCards. I had planned to sell also via car boots and friends, but the pandemic has stopped this.

I have looked to get local retailers interested in selling my cards as well as others, using the retailer and wholesaler opportunities available through WeAllSendCards.

Do you have any advice / tips for our designers?

Don’t give up and market your designs. I have found that persistence pays off, for example, my first year on Etsy was not very successful with only a handful of sales, however, since then numbers have increased significantly and this year is also looking promising.

Whilst WASC promote the cards, I find that marketing to my friends and contacts does work, and I typically only send WASC cards.

Feedback on quality of the cards is very positive and I find that eventually people will start changing habits and will buy the cards

What is your relationship to WASC?

I started as a designer, but now help with promotion and marketing of the company

What are your social media details and Website

Facebook Page: facebook.com/OASphotos

Twitter Name: @owen40UK

Instagram Name: oscrimshawphotography

Pinterest Name: OScrimshaw

Website: oscrimshawphotography.com

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