Make Christmas Meaningful with a WeAllSendCards card this year

At WeAllSendCards we have a fantastic range of Christmas Cards for all types produced by our fantastic artists and designers. All our cards can be personalised inside at no extra cost.

Our range of cards range from the traditional to the unusual, with cards featuring dogs and cats very popular, whilst the cards featuring Father Christmas are always popular.

Our cards are printed on 350gsm Invercote G made by Iggesund. We chose Iggesund as they operate according to globally recognized standards for forest stewardship and management of environmental, energy and quality aspects. Our greeting cards are printed using a Canon C10000VP commercial print press, using CMYK dry toner, which ensures the card is fully recyclable.

Our customers can purchase single cards from £2.89 or buy in bulk from £2.25 each. Our designers can also take advantage of our generous designer rates to purchase their own cards.

In addition, we offer retailers and wholesalers the ability to buy low volumes of cards of any design with prices typically at £1.25 per card. (Terms and conditions apply, see website for more details).

However, a popular trend over recent years at Christmas is to create your own cards to send to friends or family. These often include family pictures or family pets. At WeAllSendCards we allow our customers to print their own cards. These cards are all printed to the same high quality standards as our commercial cards. Prices for print your own start at £1 each depending on quantity required.

So whatever your requirements are, we have you covered this year for Christmas cards, visit our website to find out more.

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