The greetings card business is a highly competitive industry with many companies selling online as well as a mature high street market.

At WeAllSendCards, we like to pride ourselves on our quality cards and green credentials to set us apart in the industry.

Whilst we do not compromise on quality, we offer highly competitive prices, and post our cards using Royal Mail first class post in the UK. We will also post around the globe using Royal Mail international post.

Our cards are all printed to order, we do not keep stock of cards. Our cards are printed on 350gsm Invercote G made by Iggesund. We chose Iggesund as they operate according to globally recognized standards for forest stewardship and management of environmental, energy and quality aspects. Our greeting cards are printed using a Canon C10000VP commercial print press, using CMYK dry toner, which ensures the card is fully recyclable.

Our cards are supplied wrapped in biodegradable cellophane (unless where we are sending direct to your recipient, and no cellophane is required).

Our cards are designed by over 100 independent designers with a wide range of talents from artists to photographers. This allows WeAllSendCards to have unique card designs that are not available from other companies.

We pay our designers market leading royalties on their designs, and also offer a fantastic referral commission to our designers and customers.

So go ahead make your card meaningful make it a card

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