Our Standard Prints

Card Stock

We print our Standard Prints on 350gsm Invercote G made by Iggesund.

Invercote G is a solid bleached board (SBB) designed for graphical products and prestige packaging, where an exceptional aesthetic result is desired. Invercote G has a smooth surface, tailored to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printed images. This surface, combined with its excellent structural, design and embossing characteristics make it ideal for demanding printing applications.

One side is triple coated and the other side is single coated, making it ideal for a greeting card, as the inside can be written in with a pen without smudging. Both sides are finished to a matt level. Thanks to its composition of multiple layers of solid bleached primary fibres, Invercote G has a superior strength and toughness compared to board grades that contain mechanical or recycled fibres or single-ply bleached primary fibre board. The finished greeting card is not flimsy and has a superior quality feel to it.

Iggesund operate according to globally recognized standards for forest stewardship and management of environmental, energy and quality aspects.

Inks / Toner

Our greeting cards are printed using a Canon C10000VP commercial print press, using CMYK dry toner, which ensures the card is fully recyclable.

Canon technologies ensure state-of-the-art quality from first to last print without compromising on productivity. Canon’s newly developed consistently vivid (CV) toner improves transfer efficiency for enhanced colour consistency and accuracy.

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