New Improved Search Engine

Searching for cards can be a daunting experience when there are literally thousands of great cards to choose from, especially if you have an idea what card type you want

At WeAllSendCards we have developed what we consider to be a very robust search engine to allow you to quickly find the card you need, based on the type of card you require and keywords that describe the cards

All our cards are initially categorised into the following categories

Search Categories

If you click on shop for greetings cards this is where it gets interesting, you know have the ability to view adult humour cards only, include in the search or exclude

Mobile phone view

Also you now have an option to show filters, once you click on the button you get the expanded search engine

Mobile Phone View
Tablet / Laptop / Desktop View

Here you can select multiple options to tighten your search and reduce the number of cards on view. What makes our search really clever is the custom keywords search, click on the search icon and you can enter any keyword, in our example ‘Tiger’

This will then return the cards that feature a Tiger

Visit our website and have a look, we have an amazing range of cards suitable for all occasions and people.

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