Setting Date Reminders on Weallsendcards

For our registered users, we are helping to make it easier for you to remember to send cards on time, help make the transaction as simple as possible, and even help you save money too!

When you click on a card, there is now a button to add a reminder. Click this button, enter the person’s name, the date you want the reminder sent, and a message to remind yourself what to do.

On the date, we will send you a quick link to the card. We recommend that you set the date for 3 to 5 days before it needs to arrive.

Alternatively, to guarantee that the card is still available when you need it to be sent, buy it now instead, and when you set the delivery details, you can set a future date for us to send it.

If you can order multiple cards in advance we can save you money too. If you buy 4 or more cards in a single transaction which can be sent at different dates to different addresses if applicable, then we will reduce the card cost to £2.50 each plus P&P, and if you buy 8 or more we can reduce the cost to £2.25 each plus P&P.

You can put a message inside the card using our personalisation tools and we can send direct to the recipient, or to you with an extra envelope, so you can write in the card yourself.

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