WeAllSendCards is a different type of online greetings card company.

Our pricing and environmental credentials

We offer highly competitive pricing, with our prices cheaper than like for like size cards from some of the more well known brands and companies without compromising on quality. In fact we offer high quality cards with a strong environmental ethos.

All our cards are printed to order, using high quality, fully-recyclable and totally sustainable card stock and cards can be provided in biodegradable cellophane.

Fantastic cards from amazing artists ideal for many occasions
Spreading the wealth

Our philosophy is to spread the wealth rather than line the pockets of the big corporations. That’s why we share our profits among those who help promote our business.

Registered users can refer friends and earn up to 25p for every card purchased. This applies equally to new customers as well as existing customers

Our fabulous designers earn marketing leading commissions on sales (up to 50p) per card sold through our website, with potential to earn up to 90p per card on our eBay site.

We also actively encourage our artists and designers to sell their cards via their own websites, online shops and at craft fairs, in fact anywhere they choose. Some of our designers earn £100’s of pounds each year using these other sites.

Specially designed cards from our designers
And it does not stop there…..

Our cards can be personalised prior to sending, and can be posted to our customers with additional envelopes in the biodegradable cellophane or sent directly to the recipient.

Unlike most card companies, we routinely use Royal Mail first class post for delivery in the UK. We also deliver across the world using Royal Mail international post.

We also offer our registered users the ability to send email reminders for birthdays and special occasions, so that you will never be late with that card again

Many of our designers support small local charities where they donate portions of their profits to the charities

Take a look today, see what we have to offer….

Why not browse our website at WeAllSendCards today, we have some great cards at competitive prices

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