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Whether you are a designer, customer, retailer, charity or entrepreneur, you can earn income from sharing links. Links that encourage people to use WASC as their card provider of choice. There are lots of reasons to use WASC, including environmental factors, social factors, economic factors, and also quality, range and choice of greeting cards available. WASC is generally 10 to 20% cheaper than other online personalised greeting card providers too.

There is no shame and lots of potential benefit in promoting a great company such as WASC and sharing in their profits by doing so. We will pay you up to 20% of the cost of each card purchased by someone you refer, and up to 38p for each card which you design each time it sells, and also a share of our profits!

Sharing these links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites is a great way to spread awareness, however, please make sure you have permission to share the links in groups, as spamming tarnishes our reputation and can get your thank you payments withheld.


There are a few different links available, links that will:


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