The premise

We want to pay you, not Google, Facebook or other social media or media companies to share our business and community with others.

Let’s get generous

Anyone that clicks your link and then subsequently buys cards will earn you a payment. If the person subsequently registers, you will earn on every order they make.

How much? How much?

For all retail transactions, we will pay up to 20% of the card order. For all transactions where the transaction is wholesale (where the customer is also a card creator and buying their own designs, or if the customer is a retailer/reseller, and buying at wholesale prices to resell on), we will pay 5p per card.

What do you mean “up to”?

Well – we will always pay 20% of the card order if it is a retail transaction, but the customer has the option to pick a charity or good cause from the basket if they are a registered member. If they pick a charity, then you and the charity get 10% each.

Why do you allow customers to nominate a charity?

Because it is a great thing to do. We should all be giving back, and even if you earn 10% of every order the customer makes, that can still contribute to building a long-term ongoing income.

What about if I refer people using a link, and they buy my card design(s)?

You get your “Thank You” royalty payment on top too.

Who can partake?

WASC members of any type including customer, good causes, charities, artists, designers, fundraisers, photographers, and affiliates.

How to get started

Register on the website, and we will provide you with an id and a unique link. All you need to do is share this with friends, family, and people you know. Please don’t spam though – it is so annoying!

Is this some sort of pyramid or multi-level referral scheme?

No. Not at all. We pay you to introduce people to our community that will buy cards. No teams, no targets, no complicated pay systems, no if you refer 5 people…. nothing like that, but we do also share 75% of our profits back to the community on top of our “Thank You” referral payments!!


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