We get asked a lot of questions by creators. Please see our most common questions below. Should your question not be answered, please feel free to contact us.


How Much Can I earn?

We will pay you up to 90p per card that sells with your design on to a retail customer. The base price of our cards is £2.39. We add your royalty rate which you can set to this, to set the price that the customer pays and you earn.

Your rate can be between 10p and 90p, so the card price will be set at between £2.49 and £3.29 accordingly. We will help make it even affordable for customers to buy your cards from us, by offering regular discounts.

You can also set your own royalty rate for wholesale purchases if you decide to opt into this. Cards that are sold on a wholesale basis are sold to resellers, retailers etc that can sell your cards online, offline, at markets and in retail outlets such as shops. You can set this rate to whatever you like.

You can also earn a referral bonus every time a member places an order if you introduce them to our site using your card page link and uses your referral id when they register. If they use this, they will get 5 x 50p discount vouchers, to be used against retail cards.

You will earn 25p for every retail card they buy forever, and you can convert these into 50p discount vouchers, to double up the value against retail priced cards should you wish.

You can also earn a share of our profits through our revenue share programme.

What experience do you have in the online greeting cards market?

We have been involved with building the print work-flow for some of the largest greeting cards companies in the world. We have built greeting card websites for third parties which use the latest technology, are fully responsive, have full personalisation, and have gathered tens of thousands of customers, and sold tens of thousands of cards over the last 24 months.

We are now using our experience we have gathered over the years and our tech know-how to bring our own website to market. weallsendcards.com has been trading since March 2017.

How will I get paid?

Royalty payments are credited to your weallsendcards.com account immediately after the sale of any cards so you can track your sales. Sales will remain pending for fourteen days. You will have the facility to request a withdrawal at any time for sales which are not pending subject to having a balance of £5 or more.

Payments should arrive in your nominated bank account within 72 hours, although normally much quicker.

How much do you charge the public for cards?

Standard sized cards are from £2.49 up to £3.29 (you set the price for your cards, and your royalty increases as the price goes up, starting at 10p at £2.49, and 90p at £3.29.

What if I know other creative people who would like to join your program?

Please introduce them to us via your personal link. They will get the same benefits for you, and you will earn an additional 5p per card for each card we sell with their artwork on, including if they buy their own.

Do you provide software to design cards?

For cards which can be personalised on the front (for example, photo-upload and where there is customisable text), we will provide you with a design facility so that these cards will be compatible with our customisation tools.

For cards which are not customisable, we expect you to provide a high-quality image for us to use when printing the card.

Can customers personalise the inside of my cards?

Yes – customers can write their own message and upload photographs to the inside of the card. They have the facility to use multiple fonts and colours and customise both the left and right side of the inside of the card with both text and images.

Some cards have the facility to upload images and add text on the front too. This will only be allowed on specific cards designed specifically for this purpose and each designer can specify which of their cards can be personalised on the front.

How is your website marketed?

We are unique in the greetings card market as we get our members and customers to promote our website in exchange for an immediate thank you payment when those referred buy cards. We also allow those who refer us (including designers) to partake in our Revenue Share programme.

We believe this will create excellent loyalty and enables those to earn a substantial second income.

We do not spend money on other forms of marketing, ensuring that we can be generous when we pay our contributors and members who help the WASC community grow.

What size cards do you print?

We print landscape (175 x 125.8mm or A5), portrait (125.8mm x 175mm or A5) and square cards (148mm x 148mm).

Do you take copyright of my art?

No – we place no restrictions on what you do with your art – we license your image so you get a royalty on the cards which we sell.

You are free to remove cards from sale at any time and to market the same card designs elsewhere.

Can I share a bio on your website?

Yes, you can. You can add a photograph and a bio of about 100 words. We can also add some information to the back of each card. You can also name cards, and write a short description if you wish.

We will provide you with your own page as part of our site. You can direct potential customers to your page. You can earn income if anyone you give your link to becomes a member, even if they buy cards designed by other artists!

How are the cards printed?

Our cards are printed on a state of the art Canon imagePRESS C10000VP commercial printing press on exceptional quality 350gsm Invocate G cardstock.

How can I monitor my sales?

We provide a live system which is updated every time we sell a card with your design on.

What steps do you take to protect the environment?

We print using dry toner which ensures our cards are fully recyclable. Our cards are printed on a material called Invercote G, which is carefully sourced from sustainable forests in Sweden. The cardstock we use is FSC certified, and the company we source this from complies to ISO14001. The card is processed in bio-fuelled mills.

How many different card designs can I sell?

We will look at each card on its merits, and decide whether it is suitable for our site. We usually set a limit of 10 to 50 cards per designer, but if cards do not sell over a period of time, they are likely to be removed, and if you sell a lot of cards, the amount you can promote is likely to be increased.

Does it cost anything to open an account with you?


Can I print my cards at a discount?

We allow designers on our programme to print cards at an extremely competitive price. You can print your own supply of cards from just £1 each, if we print ten or more of the same size (can be different designs), including an envelope and cellophane wrap.

We can even print individual cards for just £1.25! Postage and packaging will be extra but charged at Royal Mail First Class rates. Dispatch is either same or next working day depending on when the order is put through (1pm cut off, Monday to Friday).

Cards will be foldedánd where required, include an envelope and self-seal biodegradable cellophane wrap.

Can anyone apply to be a creator?

We will consider applications from all sources. We will consider how suitable your designs are for our site before agreeing to any agreement. It may be that some of your designs are deemed suitable, and some are not.

How do I get started?

Drop us an email at talk@weallsendcards.com with examples of your work.  We can go from there.

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